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March 4, 2009 at 9:39 am

Have you seen the new features of the online version of Mayo Clinic Proceedings?  One of the editorial board members here in Jacksonville clued me into them.  How many of you like the ability to download  figures and tables into a PowerPoint presentation?  You can do that now with the Mayo Clinic Proceedings I hooked up Ann Sullivan, the Executive Editor of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings,  to find out more about these features.

AMF: The Mayo Clinic Proceedings has a new look.

AMS: Yes, it does! Mayo Clinic Proceedings has been online since the early 2000s We had been using Internet and New Media, a Division of Dowden Health Media, to host our content.  We migrated to HighWire Press, which is a division of Stanford University Libraries, and launched our new Web site on January 22, 2009.

AMF: Why HighWire Press?

AMS: HighWire Press is a not-for-profit organization, and it hosts almost all the sites of high-quality, peer-reviewed journals. The latest technology in online publishing is available to us and our users. When a journal decides to update a new technology on its site, all other sites also get that update, contributing to a “level playing field.”  Our site keeps us competitive with sites of other top medical journals. An added feature is that once a journal launches with HighWire, a note is sent to more than 1200 libraries, announcing the launch.

AMF: What are advantages for the editorial staff?

AMS: Oh, there are many!  HighWire software allows us at MCP to make changes on our own Web site, which allows us greater control over our site.  We can run usage reports that allow us to track most-read and most-cited articles. We receive continuous training through interactive Webinars.  HighWire offers forums so that colleagues working with HighWire have the opportunity to openly discuss ideas and share information in a secure, moderated environment.  And, finally, there are twice-yearly Publishers’ Meetings lasting 2-to-3 days.  These are fast-paced, invitational gatherings where the difficult and breaking issues of the online publishing environment are vetted. At these meetings, much like society conferences, peers share with peers their successes and travails and brainstorm together for the collective good.

AMF: What are the unique features that your authors and readers will appreciate?

AMS: The list is impressive! Our site was launched with a state-of-the-art platform termed “H20.” This is more than a hosting platform; it is the next generation of electronic publishing. H2O is a fully XML environment that allows publishers to move content to the user through RSS feeds, blogs, and Wikis to the IPhone, IPod, and Kindle. It turns a traditional Web site into a dynamic marketing Web presence.  Then there is the hyperlinking of references–users can link to any article in the reference list, such that if an article from The New England Journal of Medicine or JAMA is in the reference list, the user is taken to a full-text version of that article.  And the one you like–downloading figures into PowerPoint.  Links to PubMed and Google Scholar allow readers to see other articles by the same author. Email alerts is a feature that makes our site a research destination for authors. Users can sign up for e-mail alerts, designating which field or particular topic or  term is of interest; when an article matching their search parameters is published, they receive an e-mail informing them of that fact. This allows a user-driven, interactive use of the site.  Articles will be uploaded into PubMed Central, which is critical for our NIH-funded researchers as they need to be in compliance with NIH’s public access policy.  There is also the CrossRef feature–when Proceedings’ articles are uploaded monthly to Cross Ref, their reference lists will also be linked via CrossRef, guarding against dead or inaccurate links; this ensures the the MCP Web site can be used as a reliable research tool.  Each article is assigned a digital object identifier (DOI), ensuring that the document is retrievable online, even if a change in Web site occurs, and guards against dead links.

We at MCP are excited about our partnership with HighWire Press. Because HighWire staff continually keep abreast of the latest technology, new features will be available to us on a regular basis. We can design our site to the needs of our users.

AMF: Thanks so much for your time, and congratulations on your new look!

Ann Farrell, Winn Dixie Medical Library, Jacksonville

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