Donors to Mayo Clinic Libraries in 2009

January 14, 2010 at 2:12 pm

The Library is very grateful to the following donors who enriched the collections of the Mayo Clinic Libraries through their generous gifts and donations in 2009:

Special Funds and Endowment:

Venables Trust in support of the Venables Health Sciences Library
Lawrence M. and Hazel M. McColl Endowment Fund

Individuals & Groups

Carol Ann Attwood
Mary Bluhm
Norma J. Bogetto
Roberta Bumann
Tom Debley
Department of Chaplain Services – Rochester
Department of Nursing – Rochester
Anthony J. Edis, MB, MD
Richard Edwards
Richard Fitzpatrick
W. Bruce Fye, MD
Ryan Gassin, MD
Leigh Gray
Gerald A. Gronert, MD
Carol and Wendell Halderson
Gail Kinsey
Gerasimos Krassas, MD, PhD
Robert Kravetz, MD
Hilary J. Lane
Bobbi Marino
Mayo Clinic Proceedings Office
Sheila Nadeau
Susan Nissen, MD
John H. Noseworthy, MD
Haruo Okazaki, MD
David Osborne, PhD
Kate Piderman, PhD
Theresa Schnell
David A.E. Shephard, MD
Thomas Shields, MD
Joseph Sirven, MD
Chris Sky
Sponsorship Administration, Saint Marys Hospital
Mark Stenberg, MD
Professor Mark Stringer
Christine Terrell, MD
M. Vandemoortele
Robert E. Van Scoy, MD
Jack P. Whisnant, MD

The following individuals contributed personal signed copies of their recently published books to the Mayo Clinic Libraries, Mayo Medicine Collection.  These donations will assist us in preserving the written record of scholarship at Mayo.  Their generosity is appreciated. 

Andrea C. Adams, MD 
J. Eric Ahlskog, MD
Thomas H. Berquist, MD
Stephen W. Carmichael, PhD
Jasper R. Daube, MD
John A. Dyer, MD
Brooks S. Edwards, MD
Bernard J. Gersh, MBCMB, DPhil
Stephen C. Hammill, MD
Philippe R. Housmans, MD
Robert E. Hyatt, MD
Fred Kusumoto, MD
James A. Levine, MD, PhD
Noralane M. Lindor, MD
Phillip A. Low, MD
Kiaran P. McGee, MD
David J. McKean, PhD
Bernard F. Morrey, MD
Lance A. Mynderse, MD
Alejandro A. Rabinstein, MD
Moses Rodriguez, MD
Michael G. Sarr, MD
Robert Schafermeyer, MD
Amit Sood, MD
John W. Sperling, MD
Nicholas J. Talley, MD
Andre Terzic, MD
Donald J. Tindall, MD

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