Micromedex 2.0: Update, Change of Interface

January 14, 2010 at 2:18 pm

[Editor’s note –  8/31/2010:  Micromedex 1.0 interface is currently being used with a change to Micromedex 2.0 forthcoming in 2011.]

On January 20, 2010, a new interface for the Micromedex drug information system will go live and will replace the current Micromedex “Point of Care” interface.  The new interface is called Micromedex 2.0. The database is accessed approximately 4,875 times a day at Mayo Clinic and Mayo Health System sites for authoritative drug and other clinical information. 

“Point of Care” users will find Micromedex 2.0 features standard on every page:

1.  The dosing tools are a standard reference at the top of the start page, and every page.
2.  Multiple, specific suggestions are offered as the term is initially typed.
3.  An easy to locate and use search box will be included at the top of every Micromedex 2.0 page.

Standard Features of Micromedex 2.0

New Micromedex 2.0 Results Page: a 360 degree view
A broad view of “All clinical content” results is provided after a term or phrase is entered.  Micromedex 2.0 scans all clinical content on drugs, diseases, lab tests, alternative medicines, and drug consults.  “All clinical content” consists of DRUGDEX®, DrugPoints®, DRUG-REAX®, DRUG IDENTIFICATION TOOL/IDENTIDEX®, IV INDEX® WITH TRISSEL’S™ 2, AltMedDex® , DISEASEDEX® GENERAL AND EMERGENCY MEDICINE, Lab Advisor®, all providing the best clinical drug evidence for Mayo’s practitioners.

Multiple results are displayed in a “360 Dashboard” view that includes the Drug Summary Information, Drug Tools, Drug Images, Drug Consults, and “other search results.”

Dashboard View

Toggle On/Off to Micromedex 1.0
Some users will want to refer to Micromedex 1.0, especially those who need access to the toxicity contents of POISINDEX®, TOMES®, and REPRORISK®. Until further notice, these three databases are available only through the Micromedex 1.0 “toggles”:  One toggle is located in the top line of every page just to the right of “2.0” — look for 1.0 ; here searchers will re-enter their search term to retrieve the old “point of care” interface; the other toggle in the screen below and half-way down the page on the right hand side will automatically run your search again in the toxicity databases (look for “More results in Micromedex 1.0>”).

Toggle to Toxic Databases and 1.0 Interface

Library staff at all sites have helped prepare clinical staff for Micromedex 2.0 changes coming in January by posting alerts through nursing and pharmacy newsletters, and in This Week at Mayo Clinic.  In December 2009, a Micromedex 2.0 FAQ was made available on the Library home page, along with a training video, trial access to the new interface, and opportunities for live online sessions.  If you would like more information about these changes or to request additional information, please contact Kay Wellik (wellik.kay@mayo.edu) in Arizona, Ann Farrell (farrell@mayo.edu) in Florida, and in Rochester and all Mayo Health System sites contact Pat Erwin (erwin.patricia@mayo.edu).

Dawn Littleton, Public Services, Mayo Clinic Libraries
Assistant Professor of Medical Education
College of Medicine

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