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November 9, 2010 at 2:30 pm

Saint Mary’s Hospital Staff Library:

  •  “You all do such a great job for us…I’m just appreciative that we have such a service and resources available to us at Mayo.”
  • “By the way, you are a large part of the reason I was able to complete my MSN in three years instead of 20….your research abilities are awesome!”
  • “Thank you!  I have had great success with your services in the past and wanted to enlist your savvy skills!”

 Jacksonville Libraries 

  • “I appreciate your even listening to my request and then responding with such good suggestions. Our son in law is thankfully at home and facing the life style changes addressed by these authors. Is there anything I can do to further express our appreciation to Mayo or your library/education division? My only direct contact with Mayo was a visit to the Jacksonville campus to accompany an elderly client for tests and evaluation.  What an incredible organization of individuals!  I go to your website for any medical question.”

 Arizona – Patient & Health Education Library

  •  “I just want you to know how impressed I was this morning when I went into the patient library to ask about getting some information for my friend.  You immediately started collecting information and within ten minutes was at my desk with a pile of information.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Talk about wonderful customer service!  I cannot thank you enough”
  • “Thanks so much for all the information that you sent me.  I have read every word and feel much more informed for our next visit.  You were truly a treasure!”

 Learning Resource Center 

  •  “Your search was very helpful.  Thank you.”
  • “Thanks so much for taking time to meet with me and answering all my questions. The information will be useful to me as I discuss internet use with patients.”

 Plummer Library

  •  “Thanks again!!! I greatly appreciate how quickly you got this done.”
  • “Thank you, thank you… you just made my whole weekend… Working with you is a great experience. You helped me a lot. You cannot even imagine how confused I was with all this.  Now, I feel confident and happy, thanks to you.”
  • “Many thanks. Appreciate the superb service.” 

Methodist Hospital Patients’ Library

  •  An acknowledgement from A History of Horror, a 2010 book about horror films, by Wheeler Winston Dixon:  “Two research trips to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, were invaluable for gathering information to create this manuscript; my long conversations with Father David Byrne on the theological aspects of the horror film, especially in the case of Terence Fisher, were most illuminating, and Deborah Fuehrer, of the Mayo Foundation Library, was also extremely helpful in locating reference materials in this regard.”

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