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April 28, 2011 at 3:33 pm

Franciscan Skemp Health Science Library

  • Your expertise, resources, and staff have helped to make this paper a truly unique learning experience. Thank you for you time, effort, and extremely credible knowledge base!”

Luther Midelfort Library & AV Services

  • “Thank you for allowing students and members of the public to use the library. The access to so many journals is certainly appreciated.”

Immanuel St. Joseph’s Health Resource Library

  • “Thanks again for your help with this! You are a valuable support to our patient care staff!”

Colonial Library Current Awareness Service

  • “I have been going through my emails and want you to know that this site is wonderful! Thank you! It is so easy to use to look up and research topics and information. Thank you for sending this site! Has this been publicized yet? If so can I send to the neurology nurses?”

Plummer Library

  • “This level of quick turnaround is really valuable to researchers like myself and is greatly appreciated.”

Saint Mary’s Hospital Library and Knowledge Services

  • “Wow. I am totally amazed! Thank you so much. It is much appreciated. I am awed at your amazing talent.”

Our Librarians

  • “How did I know you are the most resourceful librarian I have ever met…and will ever!! We miss you very much….and wish you the very best!!” (To Ann Farrell)
  •  “Ah, you are so WONDERFUL! This was perfect. I had missed so much on my own feeble search. You deserve cookies or something!” (To Melissa Rethlefsen)

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