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August 3, 2011 at 11:06 am

PubMed, MeSH & NLM Catalog Search Boxes Modified

The PubMed, MeSH, and NLM Catalog search boxes have been slightly restructured to provide a presentable display for users working with non-standard system fonts.

National Library of Medicine Releases Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management (CHEMM)

The tools in CHEMM provide a comprehensive resource to help responders make safer decisions and provide them with the right information when it is needed most.

A Brand New Look for PubMed Central

PubMed Central has undergone a facelift or more accurately, an “interface”-lift, to not only enhance its overall look and feel but also provide users with easier access to PMC resources and information.

PubMed Search Terms Bolded

A bolding feature is now in PubMed® to help users quickly find where their search terms appear in their search results.

MedlinePlus RSS and Content Sharing Enhancements

MedlinePlus now offers RSS feeds for every health topic page on the site — nearly 1,800 feeds for MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus en espanol combined.

Haz-Map Updated

The National Library of Medicine Haz-Map has been updated. Haz-Map now  includes 1,212 new chemical agents and twelve chemical categories with significance regarding occupational exposure.

National Library of Medicine Announces Release of “Embryo” App

The Embryo app provides a collection of digital serial sections of early stage human embryos for mobile devices.

“NLM & You: The Video:” Contest Winners Announced!

The NLM recently conducted a video contest in which the public was invited to create original short videos, promoting awareness of NLM® products and services. The winners are linked in this post.

National Library of Medicine Releases “Medicine in the Americas,” Featuring Digitized Versions of American Medical Books Dating Back to 1610

A digital resource encompassing over 300 early American printed books, Medicine in the Americas makes freely available original works demonstrating the evolution of American medicine from colonial frontier outposts of the 17th century to research hospitals of the 20th century.

New My NCBI Accounts and E-mail Addresses

In the near future, registering for a My NCBI account will require an e-mail address.

NLM Releases “Turning the Pages” App for iPad

Users Can Virtually Flip through Medical Masterpieces from Past Centuries

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