Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby’s First Year

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Bookjacket coverAt 3:30 a.m. your newborn baby is crying. What to do? You could call your own mother and wake her (again), google Crying Baby, but find 169 million results and one is a rock band, or you could turn to page 125 of Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby’s First Year.

Your copy of this book will soon be well-worn as you refer to the sage, reassuring advice by Mayo Clinic baby experts. In the chapter on Comforting a crying baby, you learn that, yes, babies cry – an average of one to four hours a day for many reasons. This can be baffling and frustrating to new parents who want to do something quickly and may feel they are failures if they can’t stop the crying.

You learn why babies cry: hunger (newborns eat every few hours round the clock), discomfort from wet or soiled diapers, gas, itchy or binding clothing, loneliness, boredom, fear, overtiredness or overstimulation, or at certain periods of the day for no apparent reason. Discover how to understand your baby’s cries and detect the difference between hunger, pain, tiredness or being startled.

The experts cover how to comfort a crying baby after checking diapers or for signs of discomfort, hunger or tiredness. You can use caresses, movement, music, seeking quiet, or sometimes just let baby cry. Colic is well explained and more importantly, you learn how to manage it. Practice the calming techniques of the tummy hold, review how to modify your diet if you breast-feed, lifestyle changes if you smoke, and how to adapt your feeding style to hold the baby as upright as possible and burping baby often.

Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby’s First Year will be an invaluable resource for new parents or grandparents who want to easily find how to care for a new baby. The book covers baby’s health and safety, growth and development month by month, common illnesses and concerns, managing and enjoying parenthood, and how to handle special circumstances when babies are born healthy, but sometimes problems develop.

Caring for Baby welcomes you to parenthood and explains baby bonding — the importance of relationships with other people early in life and its vital influence on your child’s development. This in-depth guide takes you through baby’s first examination, reviews benefits and risks of circumcision, explains screening tests for diseases and vaccinations, bathing and skin care, clothing, sleep issues, understanding your child’s temperament, and developing your parenting style.

Each section offers comforting wisdom on how to handle expected and unexpected challenges from diaper surprises to separation anxiety. An A to Z Illness Guide provides information on common illnesses and tips on how to treat them.  Navigate work-life balance, consider issues such as finding contentment at home or at your job, and how to take care of yourself.

You’ll learn how to adjust to your new role as a parent, how to live on less sleep, get comfortable with chaos, handle new-baby stress and relish spending time with your child.

Pick up a copy for expectant parents to prepare them for those early morning wake-up cries. Sleeping grandmothers everywhere will appreciate it. 

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    Are you gonna translate this book and sell it in other countries?

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