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On Friday, October 19, 2012 the library staff said ‘good-bye’ to the Winn-Dixie Foundation Medical Library in the Cannaday building and ‘hello’ to the new Winn-Dixie Foundation Medical Library in the Stabile North building. The new library comes in at about 2,300 square feet which may seem small to some, but it packs a punch with help from some amazing views.

As you can see in the picture below, the library staff had pretty much everything packed by Friday morning.
Morning of the move - view of library in Cannaday.
The books were loaded onto large carts provided by the moving company Suddath. The whole moving process took about two hours and the rest of the day was spent shelving books and unpacking all the boxes. A big thanks to Suddath–their team was efficient and professional.

The new library opened officially on Monday, October 22 and with it a steady stream of curious individuals who were eager to see the new space. One of the common comments we overhear now is “Wow–you  have windows!” The library in Cannaday did not have any windows so the addition of so many windows in the new library is noticeable.

However, script can only create imagery to a point. Thus, as promised in the title, views around the new library in Florida.

The entrance to the new library on the 7th floor of Stabile.
Entrance to the WDFML

As you walk into the library, on your right you will see what new books the library has available.
New Books

To your left is the librarian’s office and the library assistant’s desk. This location has proven to be a great way to connect with people entering the library.

Straight ahead is one of two conference or meeting rooms in the library. This space is used for quiet study or for small study groups. The History of Medicine collection is also located in this room.

Around the corner to your right is a place with comfortable seating where individuals can read the newspaper or a leisure book. On the wall hangs images of the art and architecture of the Plummer Building, making a delightful connection to the Plummer Library in Rochester. The two large doors on either side of the art display open up into large closets that house our archival materials.

When viewing the art display above, just to your left is the second conference or meeting room in the library. This room is outfitted with a smartboard, however this isn’t any run-of-the-mill smartboard. This smartboard or “Smart” device” is a gesture-based tool that can display websites or anything loaded onto a connected computer. [I think it is neat that it uses infrared sensors to follow your hand or the provided “pen”.] This room will be used primarily for library orientations or interactive teaching.
Conference Room 2

Next to this conference room and along one bank of windows is a grouping of desks with computers for staff to use. You can also catch how the construction of two additional floors to the hospital is coming along.

Next to the other bank of windows is another grouping of comfortable seating. Although most of our bookcases are low to the ground, we still have the same number of books at this location as we did at our previous location.
Windows and comfortable seating

This is an overlooking view of the main area of the library.
Overview of library

And last, but not least, the library staff discovered one of the many advantages of all these windows last Friday. Every year the Blue Angels visit Jacksonville, Florida for the annual “Sea and Sky Spectacular”. The new library proved to be a great vantage point to view the Blue Angels as they practiced their formations and routine before their performance on the weekend. [If you ever have the chance to see the Blue Angels fly, make sure you do so. Their precision and death defying maneuvers will amaze and astound you.]
Blue Angels

Hopefully these views have enticed some to stop by or to even inspire staff to visit from our other Mayo Clinic locations.

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Tara J. Brigham, Librarian

Mayo Clinic Florida

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  • 1. Linda Gibson  |  October 31, 2012 at 10:01 am

    I find it so refreshing to have so much natural light and an awesome view in a library! Welcome to the new area.

  • 2. Blair Anton  |  October 31, 2012 at 2:44 pm

    Lovely light and space!

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