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January 31, 2013 at 11:11 am

Apple iPadIn June 2012, the Plummer Library launched an iPad lending program for Rochester-based employees and students. We initially started with 5 iPads and quickly acquired 5 more when more than 200 requests were submitted within the first two days. Two iPad4s were added to the stable in January 2013. We drew upon the experiences of the Eau Claire Public Library that has a very robust iPad lending program, and we reviewed several other programs, such as UCSF,  that made their policies and procedures available on the Web.  We created a LibGuide (Mayo intranet only) that outlines our policies and lists the apps that are available on the iPads. Library users can check out the iPads for one week. They can install any apps they wish using their own iTunes accounts.

The Medical Library at the Mayo Clinic Health System – Eau Claire began lending iPads in the fall of 2012.  An initial purchase of 4 iPads was supplemented with 5 more units from the IS department’s “try before you buy” program.  The iPads are checked out to employees for two weeks at a time.  In addition to the standard apps, a small selection of recommended apps is available in a separate Mayo Clinic app store.

Both Plummer Library and MCHS Eau Claire enroll users into AirWatch, a mobile device management program. This is used so that devices can be managed remotely. It allows the administrator to remotely erase the device in the event it is lost or stolen. All iPads are wiped and reset when patrons return them, restoring them to factory default settings.

The library at Mayo Clinic in Florida will start its lending program in the first quarter of 2013. They will have 4 iPad2 to lend. The library at Mayo Clinic in Arizona is in the process of developing a program.

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Ann Farrell, Reference Librarian

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