Patient Education Resource Center

May 1, 2013 at 10:38 am

Patient Education CenterThe Patient Education resource center receives an average of 275 visitors a day. These patients and family members have a wide variety of information needs, from very simple to quite complex.  One way we address these questions is using our resource files.  We  created the resource files based on our experience with patient’s questions and the kinds of materials they request. They are organized by clinical area and, within these, body system or disease. We allow patients to browse through the files and request printed copies of any or all of the items they contain. In this way, the patients themselves determine which items best address their needs. We store most of the items from the folders in the center, though sometimes we print copies of items that are less commonly requested. In January of 2013, we distributed 18,124 pamphlets from the center. This number does not include items that we printed from our database, Medline Plus or MayoClinic.Com. These materials, our DVD’s and our classes are all free of charge.

Susan Mayer
Patient Education Specialist

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