JANE (Journal/Author Name Estimator)

July 23, 2014 at 12:06 pm

jane logoAre you looking for a journal to publish your manuscript? Or, possibly a collaborator, or a potential reviewer for that manuscript (Many publications do request that you provide suggestions)?  The answer may be to “ask JANE”. JANE made it’s debut in 2007-2008.  It is a free web-based tool made available by the Biosemantics Group (http://www.biosemantics.org/jane).  It is based on articles with abstracts and reviews from the last 10 years of PubMed, updated monthly.  JANE specifically excludes other publication types such as congresses, editorials, and letters to the editor. The process is simple, copy-paste a title, or your manuscript’s abstract into the text field provided. Another option is available where you can use keywords.







When Find Journals is clicked, a complicated algorithm in the background matches the abstract with the 50 most similar articles, calculates which journals appear most frequently, and produces an ordered list.  Each journal includes an Article Influence score for how often articles in the journals have been cited in the first five years of publication, as well as what percentage of journals have a lower score.  Journal title changes can influence the article influence score. For example, Archives of Internal Medicine changed its title to JAMA Internal Medicine, and no longer has an article influence score. The same process can be used to identify authors, or journal articles which may be similar to yours. In these categories, you can review the citations, jump to PubMed, or export the citations to your bibliographic database manager. For those who might be reluctant to share their abstract on a website, there are dual assurances: once the results are provided, the text is not retained; and before submitting the abstract you can choose to scramble the abstract into alphabetized words. There are similar journal selection tools, but these beta versions are limited to the publisher’s journals only.

Patricia Erwin
Reference Librarian Plummer Library

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