Creating a Mayo author list from a search

October 30, 2014 at 11:11 am

Have you ever wondered which Mayo Clinic author has written the most on the subject of bones? Maybe you’re compiling a list of all the Mayo Clinic authors who co-wrote articles with you. Perhaps some loudmouth at the bar last night was trying to convince you that Dr. Ackerman did not publish the most abstracts in 2004 with some variation of the word “gene” in the title and you just had to bet a sawbuck on it.

These puzzlers can be answered with the new Mayo Authors database “Author list” feature now included on a search results page. The new “Author list” icon appears above the first result on the page. It is located to the right of the statistics icon. Clicking on the Author list icon will bring up a page listing all the Mayo authors and co-authors in the search.



This is top portion of the author list page you’d see if you clicked on that icon (in late August, when this image was captured):




There are several things to mention about this page.

  • The heading tells how many Mayo Clinic authors are in the list.
  • The list is shown twice. The list on the left is sorted alphabetically by the authors’ last names. The list on the right is sorted by the number of publications the author has in the search results.
  • The results cover the entire results list; not just the publications shown on the page with the author list icon (  m3).
  •  The names on the list are hyperlinked. When you click on one of the names, you’ll get the all the publications in Mayo Authors for that author. Caution: when you click on a name, that search becomes your most recent search. Thus the list will be different when you come back to this page.

If you have done more than one search you can go to the Advanced Search page and display the results of the particular search you are interested in to get to the Author list icon.

We hope you find this useful. Please give it a try. But, remember, betting results may vary.

Mark Wentz, Library Database Specialist, Library Systems
Larry Prokop, Reference Librarian


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