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October 30, 2014 at 11:10 am

As social media continues to grow and reaches out to all segments of the population, Mayo Clinic’s social media presence has increased as well.  Take the opportunity to review these Mayo Clinic sites, and share them with colleagues, patients, family members and your own followers.

Are you interested in sharing a Mayo Clinic experience with others?  Patients and family members are invited to share Mayo Clinic stories on the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog.  This can be accomplished by submitting a story on the online web form, by contacting a representative at Mayo Clinic to have your story taped, or by speaking directly with someone from the Mayo Clinic team.  Instructions are available on the following link, Sharing Mayo Clinic

Other Mayo Clinic social media sites are listed below:

  • Mayo Clinic You Tube Channel – watch and share hundreds of videos about Mayo Clinic’s research, treatments, and patient stories including weekly news updates from Mayo Clinic
  • Mayo Clinic Facebook page – tell your story, join a discussion, and become a fan of Mayo Clinic
  • Mayo Clinic Facebook page/Spanish – join a discussion and become a fan of other Spanish language followers
  • Mayo – online health community with links to men’s health issues, cancer topics, health and wellness topics…stop to share your story or to find others that can help you better understand along with others with similar issues
  • Mayo Clinic podcast page – conversations and news stories on many conditions treated at Mayo Clinic  – includes current and past topics on the Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minutes
  • Mayo Clinic News Network – health and medical news, includes interviews with Mayo Clinic physicians and researchers, as well as Saving  Lives with Gus interviews
  • Mayo  consumer blogs and podcasts – information for health and wellness as well as tips for stress management, smoking cessation, pregnancy, nutrition, depression, diabetes and more
  • Interested in posting a short statement on a health topic or comment on other’s tweets?  Check out the Mayo Clinic on Twitter at the following sites
  • Pinterest/Mayo Clinic – tons of photos about Mayo Clinic including special groupings for cardiology, parenting tips, fitness injury and recovery, cancer care, diabetes, Mayo Clinic team on Mt. Everest, teens and mental health, concussions and Mayo Clinic published consumer health books.
  • Mayo Clinic Instagram – photos featuring the hidden treasures and behind-the-scenes moments at Mayo Clinic.
  • Mayo Clinic Google+ – stay up-to-date with the latest health and wellness news, blog posts, YouTube videos, and events at Mayo Clinic plus share all this great information with your followers on Google+.
  • Yammer – join Mayo’s online social networking site and stay connected with your colleagues.

Take the opportunity to browse through these Mayo Clinic social media resources and encourage your co-workers, family and friends to be a part of Mayo Clinic’s social presence.

Carol Ann Attwood
Patients’ Library
Mayo Clinic Arizona

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