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Comments and Kudos

Venables Library:

  • “The staff members are extremely willing to help find a book, journal or help with a literature search. I appreciate all that they do.”
  • “The staff is great!! Super knowledgeable and helpful.”
  • “You do a great job! Keep up the wonderful work that you do!”

Learning Resource Center:

  • “Thanks so much! This is great and will give me a great start in figuring out what I want to do with my project. I appreciate all your help.”
  • “Thanks! You rock, as always!”
  • “THANK YOU!!!!! You do such good work!!!”

Colonial Library Services:

  • “Thanks so much. This [Current Awareness Service] is a wonderful service that I really appreciate.”
  • “Just a quick note of thanks for your help with this. I really appreciate what you have done here, and wish you could know just how much help it really is.”

Plummer Library:

  • “Thanks again….as always – we sincerely appreciate your efforts. The library information – tour is an area the students always comment on as being the most helpful.”

Plummer Library Circulation Department:

  • “I really appreciate your kind help. Thank you very much for your prompt assistance.”
  • “Thank you very much for the article. It really helped me in finishing my manuscript.”
  • “I know it may be ‘your job’ to help us find articles, but I can’t begin to tell you how much I truly appreciate all of your help. The work you do helps me in my patient care and in my education which hopefully serves many more patients in the future. I hope you are well recognized for all the important work you do!! Thank you again for all your efforts.”

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